Tiny Tots Long Day Care Centre


At Tiny Tots Long Day Care Centre, we believe early childhood is an important stage of life, which needs to be carefully nurtured so that our children are given a solid foundation in life.

We value the strengths, ideas, and culture of every child as these elements are incorporated into our educational program and practice. We recognise children as confident and involved learners. We support their development into confident communicators who are empowered to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas in our educational program.

We strive to provide a safe and secure environment with the focus on children’s development, relaxation, rest, sleep, healthy eating, supervision, and child protection as our core values. We provide a stable, yet flexible routine to ensure all children feel empowered and safe in their own environment.

We value multiculturism including Australian Aboriginal and Torres strait cultures. Equitable cultural practices are embedded in our service to support the inclusion of all children and their ancestral cultures, to support each child’s strong connection to their identity. We maintain an unbiassed practice to serve our families regardless of their gender, race, culture, or their religious beliefs.

Our educators are deliberate, purposeful, and thoughtful as they make decisions about our educational program and practice which undergoes extensive monitoring to ensure embedded practices are in place to plan, implement and evaluate our programs. Our educators engage in respectful, supportive, warm, and trusting relationships with our children.

Our goal is to maintain an evolving service with the focus on continuous service improvements. We strongly believe in joint relationships with our centre families to achieve quality outcomes in the development of our children.

Our management team’s objective is to play an active leadership role in maintaining a highly capable and consistent team to provide an effective and stable service to our community. Our practices strictly adhere to the National Quality Framework requirements including the National Quality Standards, and National Law and Regulations.