NQF Management

At Tiny Tots we use a web based software  to manage children’s portfolios, daily journaling and curriculum planning. This software allows us to manage many areas within the National Quality Framework (NQF) including EYLF, providing a framework to meet the expectations within many areas of the National Quality Standards. 

Parent access to their child’s documentation is a top priority for us. A digital parent portal provides parents with easy access to their child’s portfolio in the comfort of their own home.

Program Overview

  • Our web-based program which can be used on various devices (Touch screens, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Smart Phones)
  • Parents can view their child’s daily activities and regular observations on any electronic device with internet connection
  • My Family Lounge – Parent Portal provides access to their child’s profile
  • Management of documentation process
  • Group and individual observations
  • Photo and image management

Child Portfolios

  • Individual Photo Gallery
  • List of all Observations
  • Goals and Progress of Goals
  • Learning Documentation towards each Framework Outcome

Families – My Family Lounge

  • View the Child’s Portfolio, Program Journals and Room Program online, enabling family input into Programs
  • Provides families opportunities to contribute to the child’s learning


  • Documents the children’s learning, Critical Reflection and Intentional Teaching
  • Customised Learning Outcome comments for each  child in the Observation
  • Evaluate the Program, the Learning Outcomes and any child’s Goals
  • Modify (plan) the Program from the Observation triggered by the children’s learning and interests

Why Parents Want a Portal

1. Parents can see their children’s portfolio anytime they wish, at home, work, wherever. They just log on to My Family Lounge with any internet connected device at a time that’s convenient for them.

2. Parents enjoy being able to save or print photos of their children directly from My Family Lounge, so they get the exact photos they want without receiving burned CDs or USB’s from the centre.

3. Parents are comforted by being able to see what curriculum their child is being taught and how they achieve their goals using different activities and resources. By having this knowledge, parents understand and appreciate all the hard work the educators put into their children.

4. Parents can log in to My Family Lounge – the parent portal – and see the room routine for the day and any planned experiences. This is good for them when they collect their children in the afternoons and they know exactly what they did that day.

5. Parents like to be more involved in their children’s learning therefore they love the open communication from the centre, and like the ability to see their children’s published program journals/Daily Reflections, Observations and Evaluations.