Our centre provides morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, prepared by a local company specialising in food for child care centres. All food is freshly cooked and we supply a well-balanced diet with an abundance of healthy fresh fruit, vegetables and cereals.

Menus are displayed weekly at the sign-in area and the quantities of food your child ate for lunch will be recorded on the sign-in sheet. Mealtimes are relaxed and unhurried; they are at the children’s own pace. Fruit is available between meals if children are hungry.

We are an ALLERGY-AWARE CENTRE and no food containing known nuts are served here. Parents please be aware that some children can be so severely allergic that a mere touch of peanut butter can be fatal. Ensure that there is no trace of nuts on your child or their clothing before entering the centre. The centre respects families’ wishes for the religious or cultural aspects of eating, drinking and food handling.

For further information about our catering partner please click the link below

Kids Gourmet Food Information for Parents